Monochrome Sophistication

I was playing around on one of my favorite sites, Polyvore, and I came up with this lovely combination. I am a huge fan of monochromatic palettes, as 80% of my wardrobe is in the black, grey, and white family, so this outfit is probably the epitome of ... me. 

I am also dying over this exquisite tuxedo inspired jacket by BALMAIN and this bag of my dreams by Givenchy. I am determined to have both of these in my closet one day. I also quite enjoy the pop of cobalt blue in the shoe, it introduces a little color into the scheme. 

Maybe you will see me in this outfit for a post in the future ;) pray with me?

Ben Green


  1. I'm loving each piece of clothing by themselves then put it all together and WOW, looks wonderful. I'll pray extra hard for you mate :) You'd look sooooooooo good in this! Be well, Love Belle xx

  2. i love all your posts, Ben! Keep being beautiful!! xoxo, Kendal

  3. This is gorgeous Ben! I too am a black black black wearing diva! hahah! My friends get shocked when I wear color. Yes it's that bad! lol! I dont think I could pull off the while jeans but that jacket is to die for! Keep up the amazing work sweetie. You will always be my favorite beauty guru!! xoxo Nicki (Mzrude13)

  4. OMG a really like your stile, its perfect ... you are amaazing!

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  6. This outfit is everything Ben! Keep doing what you're doing and stay fabulous! xoxo