That perfect, casual dress. Yep, I found it. When I stumbled on this piece from Free People I was automatically drawn to its detailed stitching and mix of prints. I love the way the different panels of fabric come together like a quilt and the length is quite perfect. I wrote in my last post that I wanted to venture into more color and print, and this isn't exactly colorful, but it definitely counts as a print! The quality is impeccable and it's unbelievably comfortable. 

This piece is so versatile, as you can dress it up or down. I chose the more casual approach with this look and it is just the perfect way to achieve a simple-throw-it-on-out-the-door look that is still intriguing. 

Picked up a couple other items from Free People, so you will probably see those soon.

Sunglasses English Laundry via Nordstrom's Rack / Dress Free People / Bag Coach / 
Boots Dolce Vita

I'm off to Miami on Wednesday morning so I will try to take as many pictures as I can! I don't love the beach (I know, I'm an alien) but I'm sure there will be little shops and cafes I can indulge in instead. Follow me on Instagram to keep updated on my trip!

Have a load of homework to do. Counting the days until graduation. 

Ben Green




Currently lusting for something different. If you have been following me for a while you know that color and prints are not exactly incorporated in my wardrobe very often. It's not that I am scared to wear  something loud, I'm just too obsessed with a monochromatic rack. BUT, I have come to really be drawn to incorporating some new elements to my closet lately, especially with spring rolling in. (My damn allergies are rolling in too.) I created this collage yesterday and loving this blue bag and the CHLOE short sleeve dress.

Gimme gimme COLOR!

Ben Green



18 years on this earth. I'm finally legal. My birthday was this past Sunday, the 23rd, and I chose to spend it with the people that mean the world to me. My friends and family. I thought about throwing a big, BIG party with a gob of people but after some thought it made more sense to spend this mini-milestone in my life with a special few. 

Moments are moments. They fly right past you. This is going to sound dramatic, but when I stuck my head out the window of the black, stretch Escalade, and looked up at the neon lights of the Las Vegas Strip it felt like time was infinite. The world is an oyster, waiting for its pearl to be found. 

What wonderful moments, spent with wonderful people. 

Last stop was one of my favorite places to eat, California Pizza Kitchen. Good food. Good people. Attractive staff. Yes please.

Gosh, now I have responsibilities. Actually that's not new. I've always been independent. Got some great new projects in the works that I can't wait to share with you.

It's midnight. Thank god for Starbucks that open before sunrise.

Ben Green



Posted this photo on my Instagram this morning, but thought I would throw it up on the blog too. Check out my feed if you want to keep up to date with me daily, and see a staged breakfast-platter-picture every once in a while. Hope you all have a happy Sunday!

Spitfire Sunglasses / Teas' Tea Green Tea / Everything Bagel / Banana / YSL Glossy Stain #9 / Dior Nude Tan Bronzer / Julep Nail Polish in Leslie It Girl

Ben Green



Simple is my favorite option. I forgot how much I love an easy pair of jeans, a patterned blouse, and some chunky black boots. These new pieces I got while I was in New York last week reminded me that your ensembles don't always have to be complicated to be effective.

Simple & polished. My new motto. You will probably be seeing more "minimalist" outfits on the blog soon, so I do apologize ahead of time. If there is anything I have learned it's to invest, or find a great sale, on timeless, staple pieces that can be transitioned into many an outfit. 

These Jeffrey Campbell's have quickly become one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my closet. And for $19.99 on sale at Urban Outfitters, it was an uncomfortably crazy steal. I questioned for a moment if they were even real ... but as there was only one pair left in my size, I guess I was just lucky!

Sunglasses Urban Outfitters (Similar here/ Top Zara (Similar here & here) / Jeans Zara (Similar here, here, & here) / Boots Jeffrey Campbell "Feria" (Sold Out)

Gotta go take care of my doggie who has recently lost all of his eyesight. :( I was also invited to a closing night party of my school's production of "In The Heights" so I am so torn. I guess I'll just take my pooch with me.

Yeah right. He doesn't love strangers. Looks like a cozy Saturday night. 

Ben Green



I honestly have been in desperate need of a new skincare regimen. Call me crazy, but I feel like my skin tends to get used to a product after I use it for a good while, especially my cleansers, and gets immune to them! I am no aesthetician or skincare specialist so I could just be paranoid, but after months of having super clear skin, and my skin starts acting up, I must just use it as an excuse to splurge on some new skincare. 

I've always said that if there was anything worth investing in … it's your face. 

These lovely new arrivals made it home with me from Sephora yesterday, so I haven't been with them for very long so I will have to update you on how I really get along with them sometime later.

+ Clinique "Take The Day Off" Cleansing Balm (3.8 oz) - $28.50

I am new to cleansing balms, but I don't think I will ever be going back. The product melts like butter into your fingers and turns to a super moisturizing oil on your skin. To be honest I thought I might wake up the next morning with a full face of acne, but, I'm clear! Using it the second time, I have to say the consistency is wonderful. This particular one is unscented and I had no burning sensation when I migrated it into my eye area. My favorite part? No drying, tightening feeling after you remove it with a warm washcloth. 

+ Origins "Make A Difference Plus +" Rejuvenating Treatment (1.7 oz) - $39.50

Jumping in a huge pool of oil (unless its cleansing balm) would still leave my skin insanely dry, so I am a tough judge when it comes to moisturizers. This one has a gel consistency, my favorite because of the glow it leaves your skin after application, and smells like the garden of Eden. A little seems to go a long way and I noticed that it works great under your makeup. Warning … do not get this stuff super close your eyes. Unless you love a burning sensation and watery eyes for hours.

After 1 night & 1 morning application, my skin is loving these new arrivals.

Ben Green