Top: Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan: H&M
High Waisted Levi's: Wasteland
Belt: Forever21
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Derby Boots, thrifted from Electric Lemonade (resale shop in Las Vegas)

So it is day two of my week trip here in the City of Angels. Did I already mention I am in love with the weather? Well can't say it enough. Universal City Walk is literally five minutes from where I am staying, so the family and I took a stroll down the very colorful and eventful pavement. I thought the globe in front of Universal Studios would be a great blog post background and a man enjoying his afternoon on a bench asked me if I was a model. Good day.

I have always been a fan of very oversized cardigans. They are so cozy and they look lovely paired with shorts that are shorter than the length of the cardigan. If you haven't noticed, I like to play with proportion. I quite enjoy the causality of this outfit, but I finished it off with this patent leather bag which I cannot get enough of.

The place that is my abode for about a week is steps away from Warner Brothers Studio backlots. Maybe I will see a movie star. Or maybe they are in need of one ;)

Trail mix and green tea. Goodnight.

Ben Green


  1. This is an amazing outfit :) you're too cute, I love your videos too!

  2. Love the last pic of you mid step! You are just beautiful sweetie! I look forward to the day when I will open a magazine and see your beautiful face smiling back at me. As a mama of 2 girls I can imagine how proud your mama is of you!. So strong and gorgeous! xoxo Great blog Ben!

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  4. First of all I wanted to let you know that I LOVE this blog!! I've just been exploring around it for while now haha! It's really awesome:)
    Secondly, I really really like this outfit; the style and everything is on point. Anyways, I will definitely be coming back to this blog to check things out again.