Streamlined. The moment I spotted these amazing, printed shorts at Zara while in Miami a couple months back, I knew I couldn't leave the store without them. The streamline cut, high waisted design, and intricate pleats gave the silhouette such an interesting flare and we don't even have to talk about that print. I have never really been into florals (for spring ... Groundbreaking) but the size and watercolor execution of this one had me sold. I can see this piece being styled so many different ways, one of which is an all white ensemble which I'll have to try next. 

If you are looking for a fun, eclectic piece to add to your closet these shorts are definitely something you should think about. They are still on the website! Minus the crop top, the elements in this outfit could easily be portrayed in a formal or business look, with no boredom-factor. 

Shorts Zara / Top Topshop / Blazer Similar here & here / Boots Topshop

I can't get enough of these cut-out boots. I'll have to dedicate a whole post to them soon. Ah, another night of blogging at 1:30am. Goodnight.

Ben Green 

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  1. This is so gorge. but in the same token the redness in your knees is killing me, I feel like I am paying so much attention to that, that it in turn takes away from the look. So over all outfit is amazing, it is refreshing for lack of a better word, and I praise you for that, but again it is not enough to over look the redness. xoxo Scout