I needed more than a trim. As I embark on a new, exciting chapter of my life I thought it was time to embrace a new look. I have been drooling over collarbone-length locks lately and I finally decided to make an appointment and just do it. As cliche as it sounds, my hair has always been very special to me and acted probably as somewhat of a safety net. 

I've always been the boy with long hair.

With new destinations and new goals for my life, I jumped into the salon chair and said, "Chop it off and dye it black." (Well, almost black). I am absolutely loving my new hair and I encourage anyone who is thinking about this length, or any hair change for that matter, to dive head first (pun intended) and do it!

So many exciting things happening and I couldn't be happier to have you alongside me for the journey. Thank you for all your support.

Make sure to follow my daily endeavors on Instagram, if that's something you're into.

Now that I have officially graduated high school, I have much more time to create content for you. So I will see you very soon!

Ben Green


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  2. Congratulations I'm so proud of you! I know your life will be perfect form now on! You deserve it! I wish to you joy and luck but most importantly....real love!
    I feel that we are friends and we have a really strong connection so I know that all my good thoughts and love reach to you...I know you can feel my love and support for you!
    Thank you BenG! Don't forget....you are loved and supported! Good luck and write soon!

  3. love you so much Ben and congrats! Keep doing what you do best :)

  4. Hi Ben! I've watched your videos throughout high school and feel kind of like I've grown up with you. You've been so much fun to watch and so inspirational. I'm actually moving to Manhattan for college as well in the fall, so maybe I'll see you around :) I wish you the best in your new chapter!