Tank: Brandy Melville
Cardigan: Brandy Melville
Levi's: Wasteland
Belt: Forever21
Necklace: (my mother's)
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: NastyGal

I shot this outfit on my third day of my LA trip a few weeks back. I realized I never actually posted the look so here it is! 

I was staying within walking distance of the Hollywood Bowl and I could literally hear Bjork singing from my apartment. So angry that I had no one to accompany me to what I am sure was a other-worldly concert. Outside the complex I was living in for a few days, the walls were covered in gorgeous greenery, that is almost foreign to my native hometown of Las Vegas. I thought it was perfect backdrop to shoot an outfit and especially one that showcased my favorite new cardigan from my dear Brandy Melville. Gosh I love that store.

This outfit is pretty casual but you don't have to be dressed up to look great, so layer with tanks, cardigans, throw on some high waisted shorts, and a simple sterling silver necklace adds the perfect touch.

I really need new combats. These babies from NastyGal are worn thin. Literally, I need the heel replaced. 

Ben Green

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