I'm not sure about you, but I am definitely guilty of overpacking. It is so easy to take your whole closet and shove it into the biggest suitcase you can find, but do you really need that much? The cop-out, over materialistic answer would be "YES, I need it all!" But in reality, it's just not practical. My best friend Bostyn was over at my house yesterday and she definitely blocked my closet so that I couldn't keep running back in for more stuff. So thank you Bostyn, you have inspired this blog post. I suggest having a friend like that around, whenever you are packing.

I am off for a little vacation to Santa Barbara, CA, for a few days and I think I finally figured out how to pack light without the anxiety of "What if I need this sequin blazer in case we get invited to an event?" So here are my tips to packing light:

1. Check the weather - Most of my overpacking is due to including way too many pieces that don't really even fit the climate. Do yourself a favor and check the weather for the days that you will be on your trip, and ONLY pack clothing that is suitable. Of course, throw in an extra jacket just in case it gets chilly.

2. Plan outfits ahead - I know this may seem very hard, but you need to try to think ahead. Sit down with a pen and paper and write down where you think you will be going on your trip and then try to plan your outfits ahead of time. Then only pack those outfits. It is absurd to bring 14 outfits for a 6 day trip, so think about how you can use different pieces in multiple ways to save space. 

3. Spacial restriction - This is probably my number one tip when trying to pack light. It is as simple as, a smaller bag. Choose a bag that is significantly smaller than you would normally overpack, and make it a goal to have everything you bring fit in this bag. This works for me because it automatically forces me to downsize. 

It was my aim to fit everything I needed into my Ermenegildo Zegna "Weekender Bag". It is such a         wonderful duffle for travel and the name suggests the perfect use for it. It fits just enough for my short escape to the coast and it's unbelievably durable. And it's black of course.

I hope something you have read in this post has helped you and encouraged you to pack lighter for your trips. Less baggage equals less stress. 

Ben Green


  1. Love this Ben..very helpful!!! Thank you!!! i just shared on pinterest.hope you have a brilliant time :)xoxo

  2. Being a flight attendant this was fantastic and all so true! Girl you nailed it! Another great tip...roll your clothes into little logs. They will stay practically wrinkle free and you can fit way more in. I know it doesn't seem it but it's a flight attendant law. Works wonders! Great blog post Ben. Well done as always! Thanks honey! xoxox